Frequently Asked Questions

how much is it for a shop to sign up?

One Off Set-Up-Fee is required to provide you with all the equipment you need to effectively succeed on Atreena such as, a Atreena Tablet to recieve orders...

we can also set-up your product invetory.

?289 set up fee

Is it Free to order ?

Yes it is free to order groceries,drinks and any item are partner stores/shops have to supply, simply register, it takes less then a minute & start ordering it all...

The future is here !


How do I apply to be driver ?

Drivers/Riders can apply on the Atreena homepage in a few simple steps...

  • Earn with hours that work around you !

What can I order ?

Atreena allows you to order anything your local shops have in store, there is no limit to what you can order  with the acception of paypoint products such as elctricity and gas top-ups.

Snacks,groceries,alcohol,beverages, tabacoo, tin food and literally anything instore  

Do I have to register to make an order online ?

No, you can simply make a order as a guest through guest check-out ( you do not need to create a account to make a order )  

Is there a minimum order value ?


The minimum order amount is ? 5 (peso) per order .

   yes i know, its unbelievably low 

Is there a delivery fee ?


There is a free delivery charge if you spend over ?29 (peso), other deliveries below ?29 (peso) will be charged a fee of ?2.50 (peso) for all orders.

Minimum order starts at only ?5 (peso)   

How do I claim a refund for damaged or missing items ?


Its easy and straight forward, to get a refund for missing items you will need to email us (we"ll reply within 24 hrs max) or call us, our team are more than happt to help you through the process step by step.


Do you offer discounts or coupons ?

Yes we do, you can benefit from these great deals and discounts via subscribing to our news letter alternatively, you can click the coupons tab on the online store for a coupon code if one is provided by that particular store/shop.

Can I place my order over the phone ?



Yes, you can place your order over the phone, however this service can get very busy and is only available for certain stores/shops, so we recommend ordering through our simple and effective on demand ordering App or Website.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept card payments (credit,debit,mastercard) COD ( cash on delivery ) & Paypal..


Can I change my order once it been placed ?


Yes, you can just cancel you order (within 3 minutes) by contacting a member of our team via email, direct call.

Orders can be changed if the replacement cost the same amount however if it is a COD (cash on delivery ) order you are able to change as much as you like, just contact us... and place a new 'correct' order.